Helping over 200 independent stores

Introduction to Essential Hardware Group

How can we add value?

Essential Hardware consists of entrepreneurial independent Hardware, Building, DIY and Industrial retailers who have joined our National Brand as Member stores. We are a nationally recognised brand throughout South Africa with a number of stores in Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.


Independent storeowners recognise the need to align themselves with a National Brand in the face of the threat of big box chainstores entering the communities they serve. Essential Hardware is well matched to those retailers that want to retain 100% of their independence, gain access to excellent suppliers, world class advertising tools and a team of Essential Business Consultants (EBC Team) to assist stores operationally. Of the utmost importance is that our business model is Membership to a TRULY VOLUNTARY TRADING group...Essential Hardware.

At A Glance

Adding Value each step of the way...

National Brand

We have a national footprint, with almost 200 stores as well as stores in Swaziland, Botswana & Namibia. Our Brand Building activities adopts both traditional and digital functions to grow the brand.

Listed Suppliers

Over 200 preferred suppliers, including the major leading brands, keep our Members well stocked at the right price. Essential Hardware also assist suppliers by granting free access to reach our Members in a number of ways. We add value to our suppliers.

Support & Advice

Our team of Retail Specialists (The EBC Team) are always on hand to assist members in any aspect of their business. While our Members retain 100% control of their business, and request help if they need it. We'll analyse the store, based on the request, revert with a report and recommend solutions. We can then help implement or the storeowner may want to implement themselves. We add value to our Members.


"We add Value to your Business"

  • Essential Hardware

    Ideal for the independent entrepenuer

    We are the ideal home for Retailers wanting the security of a National Brand whilst retaining 100% of their independence. In addition we offer you optional operational support, advertising tools, excellent suppliers and advice. Hence our motto "We add Value to your Business".

  • Enjoy These Benefits

    While growing your own brand

    • National Brand
    • Retain 100% Ownership
    • Excellent Rebates
    • Operational Support
    • Advertising Systems
    • Competitive fee structures

  • We Add Value

    So, you already have great deals from Suppliers?

    • KEEP your existing deal
    • We'll STILL add a rebate
    • We take nothing away